articles in edited volumes

Why are Women More Effective at Fostering Public Goods Provision When They Work in Women’s Groups? (co-authored with Macartan Humphreys).  In Gender and Development, eds. Siwan Anderson, Lori Beaman and Jean-Philippe Platteau, UNU-WIDER, 2017.

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Governance and Civil War Onset. Prepared for the World Bank’s 2011 World Development Report on “Conflict, Security, and Development.”

Evaluating Community-Driven Reconstruction: Lessons from post-conflict Liberia. Development Outreach 11, 2 (October 2009), 50-52.

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Counterfactuals and Causation in Social Science: Exploring an Analogy between Cellular Automata and Historical Processes. In Philip Tetlock and Aaron Belkin, eds., Counterfactual Thought Experiments in World Politics. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1996.